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Find and Release your Potential!  

Covid, brexit, economical & political mismanagment have all contributed to many businesses failure or closure.  We therefore think that now is a good time to consider new opportunities, review & challenge the status quo, budgets, cashflows, current strategies & overall health of the business (or an individual).  


Take a fresh look at your organisation and take advantage of our complimentary finance and governance Health Checks


Contact us for information on our "Coaching Program for Professionals" or our popular "Get Boardroom Ready" for supporting busy professionals move into a Directorship role.

Salient Consultancy


Consultancy Building
  • We love to find and unlock finance and governance potential in start-ups, early stage and established SMEs to boost revenue and increase profitability

  • We are your trusted & unbiased Business Partner, creating space for you to focus on what you do best whilst we do our best

  • We provide you with a cost-effective Finance Director level resource, only as long as you need

  • Using ESG principles, we transform holistically, improving performance in individuals, teams, the business and through to the wider environment

  • We take you and your organisation further than YOU imagined possible


Business Team

 We value integrity, honesty and authenticity and use a holistic ESG approach, so:

  • We don’t confuse you with corporate or technical jargon to boost our sales value

  • We don’t charge recruitment fees, just provide best-fit Partners or Associates​


  • We don’t offer solutions that don’t fit your style, culture, or values

  • We don’t suggest inappropriate quick-fix solutions that harm you or the environment

  • We’re not an expensive overhead, as we’re only there when you need us


Team Presentation
  • We have an honest and holistic approach with a solution-focused process

  • We challenge perspectives & limiting beliefs to shift paradigms & unlock potential


  • We navigate the complexities of finance and governance to find true salient value

  • We empower change & best practice; saving expensive business mistakes & legal issues

  • We stay virtual so carry low overheads ourselves, offering you lower cost solutions 

  • We coach & mentor to boost performance; helping face challenges head-on & giving you confidence to achieve your goals

  • We’re the partner that tells you the truth


We dedicate Salient into making you, the organisation or individual, into the most fab-u-lous version of yourself! 


The word "Salient" means ... significance, crux, nub, importance, essential part, essence ... we find those special salient points that will quickly make a difference to you, as we know your time is valuable


We partner with you to find hidden value in the business, adopt best practice in processes & controls whilst reducing the risk of business pitfalls, allowing you to focus, grow, and achieve your goals

Yes, this does require some time, effort, and resources, but with our support and proven expertise in finance, governance and people development, we are confident your business can grow

Performance development for both organisation and the team, means less likelihood of falling foul of the complexity of legislation, and more likelihood of exceeding budgets, forecasts & having a stable cashflow

Please look at our solutions and learn how we focus on your Success. Over 75% of businesses fail through common business mistakes which we can help you avoid or navigate around. All our solutions are bespoke and agreed upfront in discussion with you


As well as business development & transformation, we love to coach and mentor the people who make the business successful

If you’re frustrated, lacking confidence, need to set goals or simply wanting to prepare for board membership, then let us guide and support you by unlocking your potential and uniqueness and preparing you for your career journey ahead

We get to the heart of any self-limiting barriers quickly & effectively and help you progress

Please look at all our solutions & learn how we focus on your Success

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