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Coaching for Professionals

“Coaching is NOT teaching at all, it is about creating the conditions for learning & growing” Sir John Whitmore (Coaching for Performance).  This underlies our own philosophy of encouraging individuals to become more self-aware & develop thinking strategies that enable solutions. 

We all have a unique set of skills and experiences as well as a fair share of frustrations. We've all felt unappreciated & unsure of how to progress our careers or consider what options are available. 


We fully empathise and understand any professional who is in that position right now.  Salient and its associates bring you years of coaching skills and experience.  We give you the tools and confidence to move forward, unlock your potential, increase your performance and leadership skills and finally set goals you feel comfortable you can achieve. 

It’s hard to value your own worth or get the recognition you deserve.  This is particularly frustrating for those looking to move up the career ladder or wanting to transition to another career or position.  And... if you’re a woman, more often you have to work doubly hard to get the same recognition as your male counterparts.  

We believe every individual has unlocked potential.  Through mentoring or coaching you can discover & fully embrace your unique qualities, values and purpose and learn how to leverage that USP to gain the work that you want.  

Board Directorship

We love to work on a 1-2-1 basis with finance professionals to help prepare them for board membership, so, discover what it takes to become a successful & productive board member who understands governance principles, why ESG & EDI are important & how you can make a great impact in the boardroom.

Don't be limited by the size of your own vision or self-limiting beliefs.  We can help you unlock the barriers to your success.

The 7 steps to unlocking salient value for an individual:

Suss your WHY

Appreciate your true value 

Launch your confidence

Illuminate & communicate your value

Embark on the solution

Niche yourself

Treasure & celebrate your successes

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