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Consulting –
Early-stage Ventures 

As a start – up or an early-stage organisation, we know how hard it is juggling many competing priorities and building a financially stable platform for the business. We use our wealth of experience to provide support to Founders, Owners & CEOs as your trusted advisor. 

We’ve travelled the same road & understand how difficult it can be to navigate financial constraints, tight cash flows or limited funds, create a simple sustainable governance structure, increase customers, pay suppliers, appoint staff AND plan for growth!

We believe that investing some time & resource into setting up the business with appropriate best practice & with ESG principles will ultimately save you time & money in the long term. Agreeing a realistic strategic direction from the start should underpin the way the new organisation operates.  This will create a unique & identifiably branded business that will attract investors, finance partners, banks & other funders alike, along with like-minded customers and suppliers.

Solutions to create or improve value in a START-UP or EARLY-STAGE ORGANISATION could include:


Provide an unbiased & trusted partner for strategic business planning and transformation


Provide a trusted M&A advisor for due diligence, business valuations and negotiations with vendor or acquisition parties

For business growth events provide an experienced partner to advise on scale ups, due diligence, valuations and lead discussions with potential PE, VC, banks or other funding partners 


Boost business performance by integration of newly acquired businesses, reduce duplicate resources, centralise functions or outsource, lower waste and synergize operations



Systems & controls - set up an appropriate finance & accounting function or capability, providing KPI accountability & relevant, timely reporting, avoiding costly non-compliance

Margins and profitability - review opportunities for revenue capacity & activity monetisation, lower cost base, eliminate or amalgamate waste areas, reducing costs

Cash and bank – establish cash flow stability; cash management and reporting to save expensive mistakes and maximise funds. Build beneficial relationship with banks to assist scale up, funding or loans



Set up an appropriate governance framework for strategic & operational standards & a process to integrate throughout the business, thereby saving costly non-compliance mistakes

Use ESG principles to set culture of sustainability governance across total stakeholder environment

Risk management – create risk framework, providing a relevant & fit-for-purpose structure & management mechanism

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Create board & management reporting values & controls across business


Create a resources learning & development program through coaching & mentoring 


Create a communication strategy across the business 


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