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Am I really OK?

I have been asked this question twice in the past 3 days & I thought I WAS doing really well as I feel pretty positive about life. However, if I’m being asked, are other people seeing something I’m not?

It then struck me that owners of small businesses, like myself, can be very alone & vulnerable to self-doubt if there is no-one else around at the same level to voice concerns. I also recognise that in any leadership role you are not always in a position to talk openly about the challenges you face, which can create its own stresses and feelings of isolation.

Let’s face it - it can be lonely for any owner, founder, CEO or leader and not great for mental health, particularly when things still feel very uncertain and C19 effects likely to last a lot longer than we all hoped.

Working with an external coach or a trusted advisor can help provide a really valuable sounding board. They are the critical friend who can give you an honest, unbiased & objective view point in a safe environment. The family support structure can only go so far, I believe, despite their best intentions.

My main takeaways to anyone who is in a leadership position:

1. If family & friends don’t provide an adequate support structure find someone else to talk to

2. Talk honestly about your issues & feelings as self-help only goes so far

3. Reaching out is what a courageous leader does, it’s not a weakness

4. Be kind to yourself, as well as to everyone else in your environment

If you need some friendly & unbiased support, please message us for an informal, confidential and free chat

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