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Building Resilience

How resilient are you, as a senior leader of an organisation or as an individual? Build resilience to give you a competitive advantage.

Nearly everyone I have spoken to recently is suffering some kind of stress, whether financial or mental, however thankfully resilience is something you can learn & develop; a mindset & attitude.

A dictionary definition of resilience includes: flexibility, elasticity, suppleness, give, bounce, adaptability, hardiness, toughness or recoil.

With that in mind, these are our top 5 salient points to build your resilience:

1 – Thought awareness – practice positive thinking & turn around any negative thoughts

2 – Learn from your mistakes & failures - accept them as part of your personal self-development journey

3 – Decide how to respond – find a solution and don’t panic in the meantime

4 – Set some SMART goals and practice visualising the outcomes

5 – Develop self-confidence and flexibility

Which of these do you need to start building today, both personally & for your organisation?

My business is grounded on helping find value and long-term sustainable resilience for people, organisations and the wider stakeholder environment. If you need some friendly & unbiased support, please message me for an informal, confidential and free chat.

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