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Calling all wise & experienced Execs and

newly qualified finance professionals … please read on …

Congratulations to all CIMA students who’ve just got results. 👏🏻 👍👏🏻

Exam results bring back mixed memories for me. Excitement in daring to dream of a bright future in accounting & fear of the unknown. Ring any bells?

I was quite a mature student (in years) but immature in my thinking at the time & felt real intrepidation on how to set realistic goals.

When I moved up the corporate ladder to become a Finance Director I was bubbling with enthusiasm at the thought of changing the world of leadership. I was passionate about equality, diversity & inclusion (EDI) and sustainability issues for organisations - I truly felt I could change the world for the better. Ring any bells?

Fast forward 10 years & I’m still on the same mission to improve leadership skills, however, what I missed at the journey-start was having a proper solution-focused plan:

- Understand your value drivers

- Create a set of measurable goals

- Set some actionable & quantifiable steps.

A simple success model I wish I’d known 10 years ago but thanks to coaching I now understand how to do properly!!

I’m busy writing a webinar & course aimed at coaching these life & career principles to finance professionals, but in an INTENTIONAL way, rather than let things happen haphazardly, as I did!

It will also include some fun stuff about how to become a director but NOT lose your shirt …

Please COMMENT below on SPECIFIC CONTENT you think would be imperative to include, from your perspective & wise learnings.

I look forward to hearing your comments + please share so I can get a really broad selection of ideas. Thanks

For more info please see

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