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'It Always Seems Impossible, Until It's Done'

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

by Nelson Mandela, I believe. Isn't this wonderfully simple?

I find this inspires & motivates me when things are difficult or am experiencing a moment of self-doubt. Very few of us are 100% convinced of the next steps 100% of the time. Even great leaders such as Nelson Mandela clearly had their own indecisions to battle.

Following this, I was thinking further about why some things feel difficult to even start, let alone complete. Fear of criticism, lack of confidence, not knowing how or too many choices, often stops us doing things we want to.

Once we've taken that courageous leap forward, set some goals & finally started, then the way seems clearer & easier. It's the knowing HOW to start that seems to hold us back. A good coach can assist with helping you identify and set goals & visualising happy outcomes.

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