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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The post below went viral, which slightly mystified us, so we thought we’d offer our own #SalientPoint. Having a transparent process for promotion should be part of any best practice governance system, not something that causes LI to explode.

How can any organisation govern a workforce if that workforce aren’t openly communicated to & understand the systems & processes governing them? This is particularly so when relating to policies & procedures that should be motivational and are value-drivers of performance?

Good governance includes open communication which enables creating a motivational & therefore healthy culture. A healthy culture makes for healthy people which in turn makes a healthy organisation & healthy planet.

An excellent finance & governance framework should be a given in any organisation, in order for it to grow & flourish safely. Salient advises organisations on finance & governance best practice & we help you set this up as best-fit to the size & type of your organisation & keep it simple & easier to maintain.

Please message us for a free 45 minute discussion on what best practice in finance and governance looks like for your particular business.

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