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Consulting – Small & Medium Size Businesses  

With a finance, governance, and business mentoring background, we improve governance, leverage value drivers, offer ideas for strategic growth & business transformation, improve financial & management planning, processes, controls and reporting.  All of which unlocks business potential and creates great value to the organisation and bottom-line profitability. 

If you’re looking for business stability or growth, seeking a partner organisation or Private Equity backer, scaling up or down, an owner exit, sale or purchase, now is an exciting time to refresh your perspectives & get an unbiased advisor, partner and critical friend. 

It’s a great time to do an organisational health check at the very least, as opportunities abound following Covid-19 & a fresh look at where we can leverage additional value and reduce the cost base is a brilliant start. See below, under our 4 areas of expertise.

Solutions to improve value in an ESTABLISHED ORGANISATION could include:


Provide an unbiased & trusted partner for strategic business planning and transformation


Provide a trusted M&A advisor for due diligence, business valuations and negotiations with vendor or acquisition parties


For business growth events provide an experienced partner to advise on scale ups, due diligence, valuations and lead discussions with potential PE, VC, banks or other funding partners 

Boost business performance by integration of newly acquired businesses, reduce duplicate resources, centralise functions or outsource, lower waste and synergize operations



Restructure the finance function to improve efficiencies, be a centre of excellence to add value not just transact.  Create accurate and timely reporting of KPIs by improving data integrity, systems, processes & output

Margins and profitability - review income streams & capacity, seek further areas to monetise to increase revenue. Analyse cost base for waste and areas to amalgamate, reducing costs

Cash and bank – establish cash flow stability, enable measurement and monitoring to save expensive mistakes and maximise funds. Build beneficial relationship with banks to assist scale up, funding or loans

Review of the financial systems & controls along with any policies & procedures to ensure best practice & reduce risk of fraud.  Challenge to budget and KPIs, providing healthy debate & accountability for rationale & assumptions therein



Review of elements of the governance framework ensuring strategic & operational standards are integrated throughout the organisation

Board evaluation to provide gap analysis of relevant skills and to inform on any learning and development needs

Using ESG principles improve governance in the organisation & wider stakeholder environment to reduce risk of lack of compliance, embed best practice & set the governance tone and culture top downwards

Risk management – review of risk framework & register to determine relevance & if fit-for-purpose for organisation

Depositphotos_147251841_xl-2015 (1).jpg


Re-position the finance function to improve management information across wider stakeholder environment


Evaluation of Employees to provide learning & development program through coaching & mentoring


Resource management: succession plans, attract, recruit, retain, build & develop teams 


Advise on change & communication strategy to business where relevant


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