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Our Solutions 

The key problem-solving technique that we at Salient use is to focus our time and energy on the 'key drivers' of your problem. We focus on the largest and most salient aspects of the problem that, once solved, create the biggest impact for stakeholders. 

What is a Solution Focused Process?

Divergent & Convergent Thinking:

Divergent thinking is where you recall workable solutions based on your experiences or you invent new ones, i.e. You “diverge” out along a series of paths to a range of solutions. This is a creative problem-solving technique, however if you use the same thinking patterns, typically convergent thinking, you will continually approach the problem from the same starting point and use familiar strategies. 

This is where having the support of a third party trusted advisor, such as Salient, can assist. We bring a fresh approach, without the same biases and often will approach the challenge from a fresh starting point. We will also challenge any assumptions you’ve made and perspectives you look from.

Ingredients required:

  • Unlock your mind from your old thought patterns, biases, assumptions & influences

  • Re-look at the problem from different perspectives

  • Gather all ideas and sift through them; join various together, mix or split them up

  • Celebrate and use any new ideas created if appropriate


  • Bring in a fresh person with a fresh approach

  • Identify and challenge any assumptions, strategies, biases, reasoning, and perspectives

  • Reframe the problem using creative problem-solving techniques​

Convergent thinking then follows. This is the process where we narrow down workable solutions and “converge” on the most appropriate one for your situation.

Consulting – Small & Medium Size Businesses  


With a finance, governance, and business mentoring background, we improve governance, leverage value drivers, offer ideas for strategic growth & business transformation, improve financial & management planning, processes, controls and reporting.  All of which unlocks business potential and creates great value to the organisation and bottom-line profitability. 

​consulting – Early Stage Ventures 


As a start-up or an early-stage organisation, we know how hard it is juggling many competing priorities and building a financially stable platform for the business.  We use our wealth of experience to provide support to Founders, Owners & CEOs as your trusted and unbiased advisor, partner and critical friend. 



“Coaching is NOT teaching at all, it is about creating the conditions for learning & growing” Sir John Whitmore (Coaching for Performance).  This underlies our own philosophy of encouraging individuals to become more self-aware & grow through thinking their way to enabling solutions.

We’ve travelled the finance profession journey and can support you along your journey. We know how important it is to gain recognition, set goals, receive increased responsibility, do projects that push you outside your comfort zone and ultimately into a more senior position with greater remuneration.

Go on, stretch yourself, push your own boundaries and develop your value and true worth, increasing both performance & leadership skills.

Business Mentoring


My own journey from being employed as a Finance Director and Governance Practitioner to setting up a consultancy company was not without pitfalls, sleepless nights, doubts and sometimes abject fear about whether I could set up and run a profitable business with the business skills I had.


We support you along your own journey as a friend and partner. 


We also works on a 1-2-1 basis with finance professionals to help prepare them for board membership.

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